DigitalRadar: Germany’s Blueprint for Digital Health Transformation

Berlin, Germany & Dubai, UAE – DIGITAL MATURITY INITIATIVE – GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference: Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health has been championing an innovative approach to large-scale digital maturity. Working with the DigitalRadar consortium, the nation has taken strides in evaluating its hospital’s digital maturity, all while assimilating global best practices and localised needs.

Prof. Dr. Volker Amelung, the speaker of the DigitalRadar consortium will share learnings from the DigitalRadar Project at the GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference in Dubai, November 1 & 2, 2023. Germany’s approach shows certain parallels to Saudi Arabia’s SeMA project, which will be presented at the conference by Hanan Alenzi, Director of Knowledge Management, National Health Information Center, Saudi Health Council.

Under the German Hospital Future Act (KHZG), €4 billion was injected to upgrade hospital digital infrastructure. In just seven months, data from 1,624 hospitals was collected, establishing DigitalRadar as both – a large-scale and a rapid-response initiative.

Key to the program’s success:

  • Collaboration: Multi-stakeholder involvement, including influential bodies like the German Hospital Society, ensured widespread support.
  • Transparent Communication: Regular updates, webinars, and stakeholder support facilitated quick acceptance and deployment.
  • Cost-effective Strategy: An average investment of €3,000 per hospital covered every facet of the project.
  • Global Integration: Incorporation of aspects from HIMSS EMRAM and other models offered an international perspective.

It’s Digital Maturity Week at Lemonmint as we prepare for the GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference in Dubai, November 1 & 2. Lemonmint is the strategic partner for the Session: “Large-scale Digital Maturity Assessments in Healthcare”.

While German hospitals demonstrated strength in infrastructure, there’s room for growth in remote services like telehealth. Non-financial challenges, such as workforce resistance and data regulations, also emerge as hurdles.

As the GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference approaches, attendees can look forward to insights from Germany’s DigitalRadar initiative, shedding light on effective digital health strategy formation. The conference dedicates an high-profile session to “Large-scale Digital Maturity in the GCC region”.

The seven assessment dimensions of Digitalradar correspond to the funding areas of the Hospital Future Act. Source: DigitalRadar Krankenhaus

Source: Lemonmint – Digital Hospital Initiatives