Informing Health Policy through National Assessments of Hospitals: A Digital Excellence Lab hosted by ASC to develop a set of recommendations that support governments and health systems in the assessment of digital maturity of hospitals. The Lab will take place at the GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference, Dubai, November 2, 2023.


Armin Scheuer

Armin Scheuer
ASC – The Digital Health Action Network


Dr. Osama El Hassan
Vice President, UAE Health Informatics Society; co-founder ZIMAM, UAE  

Lab Description

This Excellence Lab develops a set of recommendations for governments and health systems in the Middle East to support the assessment of digital maturity of hospitals at scale. These recommendations will be based on the learnings from international projects, as well as the input of participants on key success factors such as workforce development, stakeholder management, scientific cooperation, and localization of know-how.

Expert speakers and attendees will engage in thoughtful dialogues and discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. They will share their knowledge and expertise to identify strategies that can shape health policy, prioritize investments, and improve health outcomes in the region.

The recommendations developed in this workshop will be published to help guide health systems and governments in the Middle East in their consideration of digital maturity assessments that are effective, scalable, and sustainable. The resulting insights will support health systems in their strive for excellence in providing world-class digital services to their population. 


Acceptance drives adoption. Therefore digital maturity assessments at national level must support the country’s health policy and stakeholder interests.