Initiative: Digital Maturity in Hospitals

This ongoing initiative engages experts and partners in advancing the concept and comprehension of Digital Maturity throughout the Middle East. Through its diverse activities, the initiative seeks to share best practices and the latest insights to assist governments, hospitals and health systems in mastering large-scale assessments.

Coming Up // ExpertLab at the GCC eHealth Development Conference in Dubai

Lemonmint contributes to this workshop which covers widely used digital health maturity models to assess digital health transformation at enterprise and Experts ecosystem level. The workshop’s discussions aim at developing a set of recommendations for governments and health systems in the Middle East to support localising and disseminating assessments of digital health maturity at scale. To join, visit GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference. Dubai, November 2nd. Speakers include:

Dr. Abdullah M. Alsabah
Prof. Volker Amelung
Hanan Alenazi
Armin Scheuer

In Progress // Book Project: Digital Maturity of Hospitals

Published in cooperation with leading scientific publisher Springer, this books will offer real-life insights to advance digital maturity in hospitals.

Featuring contributions from KSA and UAE as well as Europe and the United States, it will discuss the impact of interoperability, telehealth, and cybersecurity on digital maturity and will also share insights into national strategies. Additionally, it explores the future of healthcare and how to drive change in the next generation health system. The book is expected to be published 2024/2025. Further information is available on the project website.