Madrid Pumps 70 Million Euro into Digital Health Transformation

Madrid, Spain – The Community of Madrid is allocating 70 million euros over the next four years to a new Digital Health Plan. The strategy aims to fortify patient care and elevate the overall health standards of its citizens.

Key Highlights of the Digital Health Initiative:

  1. Empowering the Patient: Isabel Diaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, announced the digital strategy earlier this year at a gathering in the public Hospital de Emergencias Enfermera Isabel Zendal. The approach promises Madrid residents streamlined access to check-ups, vaccines, and personalized health services throughout their lives.
  2. Innovation at the Forefront: As part of this digital transformation, the Community of Madrid has inaugurated Spain’s first center for digital health innovation. The region is also setting up the third Data Processing Center for Servicio madrileño de salud (SERMAS) . This facility will manage diagnostic test data for Madrid residents.
  3. Virtual Health Card: More than 3.2 million residents have already downloaded the Virtual Health Card app, which permits users to view their medical data via mobile devices. The card will integrate medical imaging tests, starting from September 23. Furthermore, preventive health information, vaccination records, and a specialized program for chronic patients, initially focusing on Type 1 diabetics, will also be incorporated.
  4. Telemedicine Takes Center Stage: The plan emphasizes telemedicine, including video consultations, teledermatology, teleradiology, and telecardiology.
  5. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence: The strategic inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) in public health will help prioritize tests based on disease severity. AI-driven methods are being incorporated in major hospitals, including HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO INFANTA CRISTINA Y HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO DEL TAJO SA, Estación Hospital Infanta Sofía, Hospital Universitario La Paz.
  6. Data Management: The Hospital Enfermera Isabel Zendal is now home to the third Data Processing Center, a significant expansion to SERMAS’s Data Bank – one of Europe’s largest with clinical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic data. 
  7. Digital Health Innovation Center: Collaborating with Siemens Healthineers, this center spans over 300 square meters and leverages augmented reality, immersive training sessions, panels, and more to equip health professionals with cutting-edge tools. 

Spanish newspaper El País reported that Isabel Díaz Ayuso stated the digital transformation plan will not “diminish or replace the direct relationship with the doctor or nurse, which will remain the norm.” She further mentioned that telemedicine will make the health system “more accessible, faster, avoid unnecessary travel, and facilitate a closer relationship with the doctor.” 

“Telemedicine is here to enhance and complement our healthcare system.”


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