Berlin’s Vivantes Hospital Network Champions AI for Enhanced Radiological Diagnostics

Berlin, Germany – Berlin’s Hospital Network, Vivantes – Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH, an integral part of healthcare services catering to the German capital’s 3.6 million residents, is surging ahead in its adoption of contemporary health technologies. They have recently announced the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support their medical diagnostics and treatment strategies.

Harnessing AI for Precise Fracture and Embolism Detection

Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum Institute for Radiology and Interventional Therapy is now using AI to identify fractures and pulmonary embolisms. Concurrently, its branch in Berlin’s Neukölln district employs this technology in the early detection of cerebral hemorrhages. While AI augments the diagnostic process, it does not supplant the critical role of medical professionals. “AI can highlight areas of concern, yet the ultimate diagnostic decision rests with our medical experts. It serves as a valuable adjunct, not a substitute,” says Johannes Danckert Chairman of Vivantes Management. 

Recognition for Digital Innovations in Healthcare

The AI announcement follows Vivantes‘ top-ranking on Germany’s DigitalRadar Krankenhaus national maturity assessment, orchestrated by the Federal Ministry of Health. This first-of-its-kind project globally evaluated the digital maturity of all hospitals in Germany, with Vivantes scoring remarkably, according to Dr. Eibo Krahmer, Director of Financial Management, Infrastructure, and Digitalization at Vivantes.

“In recent years, Vivantes has laid a solid foundation in digitalization, establishing a smart infrastructure. This now facilitates innovative projects across the entire patient journey. The favorable results from Digitalradar underscore the effectiveness of our digitalization strategy. We aim to be pioneers in digitalization, and I’m passionate about continually driving the future of healthcare and ensuring top-tier quality for Berlin’s residents.”

The use of AI at Vivantes comes as part of a fully-fledged digital strategy, which also saw a deepening cooperation with Berlin’s globally renowned Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, ranked in Newsweek as Europe’s best hospital. The two healthcare powerhouses are cooperating on digital records and sharing structured health data, among others.

Vivantes: A Pillar in Berlin’s Healthcare EcosystemWith an expansive portfolio encompassing nine hospitals, multiple nursing homes, ambulatory centers, and a hospice, Vivantes is Germany’s largest municipal hospital conglomerate: one in every three Berliners opts for Vivantes, culminating in nearly half a million treatments annually.


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