Book Project: Digital Maturity in Hospitals

This book, published in cooperation with Springer, offers real-life insights to advance digital transformation in hospitals. It covers topics such as interoperability, telehealth, and cybersecurity, as well as national strategies. Additionally, it explores the future of healthcare and how to drive change in the next generation health system. The book is expected to be published 2024/2025. This Project is part of the Digital Maturity Initiative.

Editors / Authors

Armin Scheuer
Lemonmint – The Digital Hospital Network
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Jörg Studzinski
Digital Projects Leader
Agaplesion Mitteldeutschland Health System
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Authors from these and other organizations will be sharing their insights on raising digital maturity in hospitals. If you would like to contribute, please send us a message through the contact form.

  • Charité University Medicine, Germany
  • Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Federal Ministry of Health, Germany
  • Lusiadas Saude, Portugal
  • Ministry of Health, France
  • Dubai Health Authority, UAE

Publication Partner

Achieving digital maturity is the first step towards digital excellence. Hospitals and governments benefit from international experience to develop individual strategies aligned to local healthcare specifics.


This planned book will focus on aspects of digital maturity of hospitals and health systems. It gives healthcare leaders and technology professionals a practical overview of models and best practices that advance digital transformation. The book features contributions from hospital CIOs, scientists and government officials, who provide readers with real-life insights on the adoption of digital health solutions and services.

The authors focus on the digital maturity of hospitals, showing its impact on the individual organization as well as the entire health system. Digital maturity models provide hospitals with roadmaps towards excellence and thus allow benchmarking between them. Decision making is supported through gap analysis that helps guide investment requirements and define anticipated outcomes for healthcare managers, workers and patients. 

Leading hospitals from Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia share their digital maturity journey and the steps taken to design processes and support technology adoption. This includes deep-dives on interoperability and data exchange, telehealth and cybersecurity. The book will feature a first-of-its-kind case study from Germany’s strategy to assess the digital maturity of more than1,600 hospitals, making it the largest and first scientific digital maturity assessment of a country’s entire hospital sector. 

In future, the concept of digital maturity must address new issues that are critical for shaping healthcare; this includes workforce shortages for growing or aging populations, health equity, climate change, inclusion and diversity and most importantly the digital empowerment of providers and recipients of digital health services through education. The book concludes with an entire chapter dedicated to what’s next in healthcare and how to drive change in the next generation health system. 

About the editors

Armin Scheuer is the founder of Lemonmint – The Digital Hospital Network and a business leader in digital health transformation in Europe and the Middle East. He launched the DigitalRadar research consortium, which conducted the first-ever digital maturity assessment of a country’s hospital sector in Germany. As the former Vice President and Executive Director EMEA for HIMSS, he worked with leading hospital, technology firms, and government organizations during his 20-year career in healthcare. At Lemonmint, he leads an EMEA network dedicated to elevating hospitals’ digital excellence. Reach out on LinkedIn.

Jörg Studzinski has supported numerous hospitals and government agencies in their health transformation journey as the former Director of Research and Advisory Services at HIMSS. He developed the DigitalRadar model and assessment methodology used in the world’s largest digital maturity assessment of hospitals. Studzinski is a member of the German government’s interoperability council and works as a digital transformation manager at AGAPLESION hospital system. He holds a Master’s degree in communication science, politics, and psychology from the University of Leipzig. Reach out on LinkedIn.

About the publisher

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