When impact counts – we’re here.

Lemonmint initiatives empower your firm to articulate and showcase its unique digital value to hospitals.

Lemonmint is your expert hub for authoritative HealthTech Communications. By participating in our expert-driven initiatives, you tap into a powerful mix of digital health expertise, a vast professional network, and profound strategic communication know-how. Together, we amplify the message of the benefits, barriers, and best practices in the digital transformation of hospitals.

Meaningful initiatives to elevate your communications

Lemonmint initiatives fuse global insights with localized strategies, while ensuring that science is at the core. This creates the framework to:

  • Highlight the Digital Significance of your tech solutions, ensuring your contributions to the industry stand out.
  • Educate Stakeholders on the topics of digital health transformation, driving meaningful conversations.
  • Celebrate Innovations by sharing and honoring the breakthroughs in the HealthTech domain.

While our primary attention is on hospitals, our collaborations are expansive. We partner with government agencies, academic institutions, and fellow technology providers, to support our mission.

Four Key Principles That Shape Our Mission

At the heart of global health innovation

Based in Berlin, one of the world’s leading healthcare hubs, Lemonmint thrives on blending global know-how with a distinctive forward-thinking spirit. Wherever we work, as Berliners, we leverage our city’s paramount openness to the world and embrace a spirit of global cooperation. It is this attitude that makes our collaborations both enjoyable and meaningful: Because advancing healthcare holds universal importance for every individual across the globe.

“Healthcare communication is requiring expertise and precision to serve the information needs of highly skilled hospital and IT professionals. At Lemonmint we operate against this challenging and complex backdrop, leveraging our experience, specialist skills and the influence of a network of healthcare experts.”